Potting plants and a sofa in summer “dress”



It was a real clear out day. The flowers was potted and and the herbs were put in pots too and the parsley is soaking – I hadn’t seen you’re supposed to do that, but there’s a pot ready for that too.
The sofa went into summer mode and had a white cover in the shape of two old bed covers. that turned out rather nicely I think, and “Garbo” was right pleased 😉 As you can see below the little balcony also had a some plants, and a box with white flowers and some ivy an some other evergreen plants apart from the geranium on the photo. The mint is brought from the garden, and was a gift from an earlier neighbour. It has a lovely scent.

I’m tried – again! But very pleased with all I’ve managed to get done. Tomorrow – I don’t know yet. I might go for an exebition at the libray, but we’ll se how I feel tomorrow.





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