A true diva


As you can se, I have seen Diana Ross 3 times. All great expiriences, although one (the last in 89′) wasn’t as good as the other two. Mostly because she had gone for a style, that wasn’t her at all.

The reason for me bringing her up, is that she has made a new record in a style that really suits her voice, and I think I’d be inclined to buy. I discovered it the other day, when I was looking round. I had about 5-6 LP’s with her but they were lost when I decided to drop the vinyl records. As such no music on CD with her. One of the records I had was“Lady sings the blues” – which was a dobbelalbum. I liked that very much. The song is from the film, and no-one can say that Diana can’t sing – I get the chills when she sings like this – when she is her best. Pop by her website, and listen to clips from the new album.