Just before Irish Day



It was a beautiful morning today. The weather has been fantastic, and just right for going down to see the horses. I had decide yesterday, that I was going. So of I went, when I had had my coffee, and round the green grocers for som carots for them. Took it very slowly and had a look rund before i brushed “”Jason”. I had a little break, and then I brushed “Finish”, who likes to be stratched. Actually he has a tendency to schratch himself, even when he is tied up, and I’m brushing 😉 Today I was afraid he’d loose his ballance in his acrobatic attempt to reach, but of course he didn’t. Then Helle came, and we went for walk – Ingen helped, so we each had a horse which was super. Lovely to walk around in the sun. I had extra time with “Game Boy” while Helle mugged out his box and then he was put in, and I went home for some lunch, had a bath and then I want out on my balcony. I’m totally weird in my head of all that sun, as i get some down the track too.
It truly was a wonderful morning and we’re all very excited to see how it all goes on Friday, where “Finish” is starting. It is Irish Day so come and join in. The restuarant “Højen” is open exstra in the evening.