A special evening


Today is special and is every year. Or more to the point the evening. As I’ve told you in “about me” I’m adopted, and this evening many years ago, my parents were told, they’re going to have me. Mum rushed down to the shops and called my dad and she bought the special bread (hveder), you eat. It was a custom, that we should have them, as well as her telling me the story every year.

The photo is one of a series of 6 that is hanging in my livingroom. It’s a frame my grandmother had, but mum and da had the photos too of course. I went to the photographer on a regular basis when I was small. Mum gave me the frame shortly before she died with a little not on, where she has written, that she clearly rememberes the day we went, and that I thought it was a secret to be kept from my dad. It’s taken 12th. August 1964 and I appoligize for the quality, that is better in real life, but it’s taken through the glas. But I thought you should see it.

The day has been special in other ways too. A very dear friend of mine wrote today and gave me really bad news. Her mum was admitted to hospital a few days ago, and now they have found out that it’s terminal cancer. I’m really, really sorry for her and her mum, and I must admit it spoiled my good mood.

So I don’t feel much like writing much more, which I’m sure you understand. I’ll return tomorrow after a hopefully good day at the tracks/the stable.