Damn it! To make the day and the week “perfect” I’m now ill. All day I’ve been tired in the old familiar way, that I should recognise and I’ve been coughing, but I guess I’ve been blocking it out. It’s especially irritating to say the least as I had a photoasignment tomorrow, and later in the week had a trip scheduled for Lolland. As it is both things are going down the tubes. It is far from the last time that my health is ruining things, just on the contrary, it has happend way too often. But I have been given this health so I’ll have to put up with it. Even though it’s hard. I might get lucky and escape with a bad round of bronchitis, but if I try and continue, and especilly go out, I’m sure to end up with pneumonia. I’ve tried it often enough. It
s going to be almost impossible to get a replacement for me tomorrow and I’m terribly sorry about that. But that is part of the reason why I’m not working – I was sick all the time, and even though my health has improved since moving from the house it’s still lousy. For it to happen again right now is more than bad luck, but it’s a major factor in, that I don’t dare to say yes to these kind of things, as I hate to embarras other people apart from my disspointment, as I’d looked forward to this opertunity. A miracle is needed if I have to be able to manage the job tomorrow. If it had been for an hour or so but it’s a whole afternoon, and there’s no way in hell I’ll be able to do that. I can hardly get my breath now, and keep upright. So it’s just not on.

2 thoughts on “Sick

  1. I am really :(( for you to be sick again.
    It is not funny anymore.:-?
    I really hope you are back on you’re feet really soon…hang in there.:)>-

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