Dahlia – problem solved?






As you know I’m sick today, and properly a few days ahead. I’m not in such a good mood after the dissapointments in the love deparment last week =(( i sidste uge, and cancelling of the arrangement yesterday and the trip to Lolland and Falster this week. Generally very irritating. You can have days that are just off-days.

But it isn’t very nice to be sick and a bit fed up with it all:( On top I’ve look forward to visiting my friend Birgitte in June, but that’s been postponed till August. So not cancelled and she’s got all the good reasons in the world with a deadly sick mother and an upcoming move. I don’t know if I’ll get the cance to visit my ole neighbour anymore this summer, as he is so very busy and that’s a great shame as I haven’t seen him in a bit, and had looked forward to it very much.

I could get very angry with my health but that won’t help 😕 so this morning I tried to find some positive things in the mittle of the misery, and I did both here and in the entry from before. I’m getting wiser in terms of the Makro photograpy and the damned ISO settings . Not that I have read the manual more closely, but I’ve been experimenting, and I’ve now tried my theory on the dahlia this morning and have a look – IT WORKED!!! You have to turn the ISO settings down – here it’s on 200. Now the next good question is how the heck you know when to do it :-s. Maybee it’s better to be “safe than sorry” – I think I know what I want to do :-), It’ll have to remain to be seen if my theory holds. I’m really not feeling well so I now I’ll go take a nap on my couch and wish you a better day than mine. But the dahlia certainly saved most of the day – beautiful isn’t it?