Sunfilled morning


Much to the contrary of what I expected the sun is shining. So the little hope I saw between the clouds yesterday was real. I happy about the many visits on the blog and as always my flat, and my lovely little princess cat and of course the sun. A lovely mail from a friend from Lolland was a nice start on the day. Yesterday evening I had a chat with a long almost lost net friend, that turned out not to have dissapeared into the coulds of stress.


So all in all just my health to complain about. And that dosen’t help and I’ve still got a temperature. Today I’ll do a bit of cleaning and apart from that nothing much. I hope to get a chat here at the computer on MSN. That’s quite nice, But I’m begining to miss the horses. Tomorrow we have important races so I’d love to go, but if I’m not well it’s not on, as I can be sure to catch pneumonia. We’ll see. For now have a nice day. The flower is one I photgraphed the other day, when I went down the beach. It’s a weed but very pretty.