After sun comes….

Rain – and it is pooring down here now. So I’m sending a bit of sunshine from the balcony the other day. Both in terms of sun and the colors that are “sunshine” as well.

A bit of good news (fingers crossed), my temperature is down a bit this morning, and I’m feeling slightly better. Although I do feel I’m still not well after doing a bit round the flat. Very irritating, and I’m not coming down the race track tomorrow, the way I’m feeling, and it’s the secound race day I’ll loose. Not only is it racing day it’s Breeders Cup day!!! And “Finish First” and “Tbird” are both stating so it’s really irritating. That’s not even mentioning last years Derby winner “Peas and Carrots”.

My dad was very sweet and came by with some shopping for me this morning, and I’ve cleaned the house up a bit, chucked some clothes in a bucket to wash it, and cleaned my desk, and other tables, so I can see what they’re made of 😉 . It’s not good for the tidyness and cleaness to be sick, so I’m trying to make up for that today somewhat. Other than that I’m going to relax afterwards. But now I got stuck here “for a change” 😉