Speaking of cream


There was a long talk about a foot cream on another blog and it sound like something that needs to be tried out. Now we are at it, I’d like to promote this cream.
With age my facial skin has become rather dry, and sun when I’m out as much as I am (when I’m not sick!!!), dosen’t make things better. So I’d been on the lookout for a cream that , to make my skin feel somewhat not like it had cracks the size of Grand Canyon (as I’d very much like to see, but that’s another story). I have tried quite a few other creams from here, but one day I got a tester of this one, and I had no doubt that I had to try it out. And as it was on offer anyway I bought one, and it is really good.

I have to remember mentioning that Oriflames kosmetik is natural cosmetics too. So I’d recomend it to all other “elderly” ladies with crack-tendencies 😉 It’s called Hydra Energy Cream and is £ 10.95.