I can see a facination with flower buds. With the new camera I have discovered how beautiful they can be. It all started with really my cactus and some buds on a bush at the racing track and it has grown on me since This is amazing too I think. This is a common geranium but that dosen’t make it less beautiful.

The rain has stopped, but it looks cold and it’s windy. I have NO energy what so ever, not even for the most basic thing, although I could easily find a few things to do. Until now I’ve been sitting here and been talking ot my computer-helper, who dissapeared again, when I was gone for a moment.

But as usual he explained some of the “mysteries” for me and sorted them of course! Thanks very much!

As you can see I’ve gotten a fine new “thingy” for my “quote”. Now I’ll take a shower and see if I can freshen up a bit and then a spot of lunch and then we’ll see what happens…. if nothing else I saw something on the telly yesterday I want to explore a bit, and might write about it too. Whatever you’re doing I hope you have more engery to do it with than me… 😉