Yesterday I want into “The timemaschine” in terms of concerts. There was a concert on with var koncert med Tina Turner. As I’ve mentioned before, they’re sending some rather good concerts and portraits of people on this channel. Before this concert, it was a programme on S Rod Stewarts carrier (certainly not borring either). the Concert with Miss Tina, was the last she made on Wembley Arena, and if you like her, it was just wonderful. Full steam ahead (I don’t think she can do it any other way), and really really good.

As you can see, I’ve been lucky enough to see her live in 1987. It wasn’t the date on the ticket, but in “Parken” in the summer. That was because she was sick at the original date with a sore throath or something like that.

On the positive side I met with her percussionist på Palace Hotel, and we had a chat and a nice evening and that in all inocence as I had a boyfriend at the time. I met him the year before at a concert with David Sanborn , and when he came back with Tina Turner, he gave me a call. Very nice. The fun bit was that he recoqnised me 10 years later at a D Michael Bolton concert and invited me back-stage – That’s was weird. He’s called Steve Scales, and he is the dark guy in a white shirt on persucussion, who is shown in a couple of clips. This clip was chosen partly for that reason, but mostly because it’s one of my favorite numbers – a real good rock number. Enjoy! I’m “addicted” to Tina, and her for full steam can usually bring me in a good mood.