I believe

I believe this. It was something I saw when I saw a television programme about Lægen Peter Jepson-Young, and it was just so much me, from the very start, and is a very precize account of how I feel about it. Peter Jepson-Young died of AIDS in 1992.


Affirmation by Peter Jepson-Young (1957-92)

I accept and absorb all the strength of the earth
to keep my body hard and strong;

I accept and absorb all the energy of the sun
to keep my mind sharp and bright;

I accept and absorb all the life force of the ocean
to cleanse my body and bring me life;

I accept and absorb all the power of the wind
to cleanse my spirit and bring me strength of purpose;

I accept and absorb all the mystery of the heavens,
for I am a part of the vast unknown.

I believe God to be all these elements, and the force that unites them;
And from these elements I have come, and to these elements I shall return;
But the energy that is me will not be lost.


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