Mucis and lyrics (2007)


The film was a hit! “Music and lyrics”, is about this now worn out 80’s popstar (Hugh Grant), who is trying to make a living out of his former glory – it dosent’ go down too well 😀 Not until he is offered to write a song for a real 2007’s pop-girl a la Christina Aquillera or Britney etc. In his flat he has a housekeeper, who need a stand-in (Drew Berrymore), and then I’m not saying anymore… It’s a real sweet story and you get a lot of really good laughs. Both play fabulously well and not least the both actually sing in the film. I’ll say this much, it’s a film for the girls. There might be the odd man out there, who think it’s nice and sweet, I can’t rule that out, but show him the plot on the website first. 😉 Actullay Iøve seen coments from men who thought it was a good film. So who knows…..! I’d like to recomend the film, that was seen the 1st. June.