A right little madam


As Ella said yesterday cats do talk. So does my “Garbo” big time – all day. She’s not one to suffer in silence, if there’s something that dosen’t suit her. Something was up this morning. First she woke me up. If a descreet little majuv dosen’t do the trick, she’ll jump up in my face – still mjauving. I I ignore that she’ll do something she is totally aware she’s not allowed and then she knows I’ll jump out of the feathers – hm!!! They’re really cunning and knows exsactly what bottons to press.:)

This morning she had her breakfast and all should have been fine, but obviously I hadn’t cuddled her enough. She was not pleased and was sitting at her stratching thing and was uttering very displeased Mjauvs in between and as you can see was being a right little madam – she can be 😉 Vi became friends again 😀 But they are funny. By the way she has developed camera shyness and as soon as she discoveres that, that’s what I’m up to she leaves 🙁 so I really have to choose my moments. Ususally I manage to catch her before she get’s it.