Being a chauffaur aprentice


That was what happend with my morning. I was just going to deliver the car to my dad – that’s what I thought anyway. Not so! He just had to pop by the bank – that was over ½ hour, where I just sat there waiting. Later it turned out, that he forgot to tell me the real reason – “if I could just drive him to Rådhuspladsen (in the mittle of Copenhagen) too?”!!! Nothing I’d like more! Well the parking is difficult and things – actually I found a spot, but admit that was pure luck. That took the most of 15. min., where I just sat there and the time driving back and forth.

That was that morning

I have most energy in the morning and now I’ve been more or less inactive due to pain for the last couple of days, and haven’t had much done. When I finally have a bit of energy I’m of to play chauffaur! If I’d only known at least. Never mind now, done is done. I’d better get something done. The pain is still there, although in reduced form. Worst of is the left hand, that is not very good at alle.

Today there is exsactly the sort of coulds I love, so you get some of them. It’s the view from my livingroom 🙂