Sunfilled afternoon





The afternoon has been lovely. The whole apartment has been bading in sunlight. I couldn’t resist another photo of the fabulous cloudes as you can see. I’ve tried to be a bit practidal today, so I’ve sorted out som laundry and tended to the plants on the balconly. The sage had dead flowers that need to be cut of and other dead things need to be removed as well after being smashed a bit by the heavy rain the other day. It was then I discovered it – the rose. Not that it had turned up without me knowing it, but that it had flowers. It has a bad attac of aphis, that I don’t quiet know what to do about, but that dosent prevent the most beautiful pink flowers to turn up, and on top they have scent.

As if that wasn’t enough 2 catus is at it as well or more to the point 3 in all. The 2 I have mentioned before, but the one on the top photo hasn’t flowered before, but today I discovered that it is going to soon. It looks different than the others so from that I believe the flowers will too. When it arrives I’ll show you.

Now I want to have a shower and a bath. And I’m sorry that my good MSN friend and blogwriter has been temporarily set out of business. I had written him, because I couldn’t figure out where he was at, and the reason is the ever so sad one, that his computer has broken down. …:(