Clearing up?




The clouds are hanging over my head out here. This morning it poored down, but I think it has stopped now. My spirit has fitted the weather – it just wont work these days. Partly mums birthday yesterday, that’s never a super day, and then the news of af death this morning dosen’t help either.

But that’s not it really. It’s more a general thing and I guess everyone has times when things aren’t so good? My irritating healt isn’t doing much to hlep and in general there are several thing “bugging me”. Usually it passes and I suppose it will this time too. It is also the situation from the other day that’s bothering me, and what to do about it. It is not until today I”m not in pain apart from that I’ve been flat out with it, and it’s not worth it. No matter how lovely it is. But more importantly I’ve lost the urge for it and that might be it….

Yesterday I feel aslepp in an otherwise very facinating programme about the man who murderd John Lennon. A tragic murder no matter who it would have been. JL has never meant s… to me, but that that. You can read about the clearly psycological unstabile man that did it, here. My normal Thursday evening thing on TV is normally “Crime Night” on Discovery, but they’re out for the summer holliday 🙁

If anyone can tell what he beauties are feel free. The yellow is the same as yesterday just dobbel. The orange rose I’m aware of course.