A little over 20 years ago

A long time ago I knew a man with as long hair as Joe Lando, as Byron Sully i “Dr. Quinn”,byron-sully.jpg has here on the photo.

I’ve alway had a weakness for men with long hair, but it has to be a proper hair and a man of some size to pull it off. The one I knew was blond, but other than that as lovely as Joe here. That’s a little over 20 years ago I met him. Not that I haven’t thought about him otherwise, but seeing Joe again today brought the memory of one with corn yellow hair up. He is older but he is still a handsome man, who can give me gello in my knees – also if he hasn’t got the long thick blond hair.

Memories from your youth is not bad, and when they continue to be a good dream even 20 years after, it might be worth investigating….. I might get the chance, and I might not, but he is still lovely.

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