Feeling better and blogtrip


Nothing much happens here apart from that I slept well, but not long enough.Her sker ikke det vilde udover at jeg har sovet godt, men ikke længe nok. Of course I couldn’t get myself to bed last night – I just had to….and then I had just had a go at Lotte for the same thing!! But to be fair I’m normally far as bad as her when it comes to that. She has taken some really nice photos on a trip she went on yesterdayrigtig fine fotos på sin blog. I can only encourage her to take more, as she is good at that too. You go girl, but remember to relax too!!!

Irene was waiting for her parents to come for dinner, after they’ve been on holliday in Spain – I was a bit envious. that’s life – I hope they had a really nice evening.

My favortie blog cat Malou, was nearly eaten by a big dog.That’s not on 😀 Good thing that mum was on guard and chased the monster away.

At Liselotte’s the titles dissapeared in mysterious ways. An accident for fiddeling with the codes – Good job it could be sorted out. As if that wasn’t enough she served a Det var et uheld, fordi hun roede for meget – Godt det kunne rettes tilbage igen!!! 🙂 Ikke nok med det, så serverede hun llovely Potatoe Curry kartoffelcurry – Uhm, that looks delicious and I have to try it, as well as Birthes Potatoe Pizza! Som så slet ikke var hendes til at starte med, men det er en helt anden historie.

And Molly is happy as long as someone want’s to play – A lovely dog in contrast to the one that nearly ate Malou 😮

I know the links is going to Danish blogs, but still, don’t come and tell me you don’t get expirieces even though you don’t go out 😉 Althoug it would be nice today. The sky is blue and without cloudes or almost without cloudes – pretty don’t you think? My health is improving and the temperature has gone down, but I’d better take it easy a little while yt. For now I’ll take a shower and wish you a lovely day!