A little morning shopping trip

I was going to the Farmacy for pills and then I went to the our Boots – Matas and bought some foot bathing salt and a lipstick. And then the famous plant thing. Now I think I’ll grab a bit to eat and have a shower and then sit on the balcony with my feet in wather – the weather is, as you can se very nice. Enjoy your day! 🙂

On the way to town, as you can see lovely weather. At the big white building you have Ordrupvej, the goal for my trip

On a fence this honysuckle peebed up and of course I couldn’t resist

img_2634opt.jpgNow I’ve looked at it for months – since spring, so now I bought it! This flower haning thing, where you can put 3 pots on. Cheap – no but I’m happy I got it. 😀

One of our tow greengrocers had berries on offer, and the looked delicious. To of my favorites raspberries and blackberry. Apart form that strawberry and red current.


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