A very big cat


This lioness I photograped in Zoo in Copenhagen, many years ago now. But I think it’s a super photo also because it’s actully not clear that it is taken in a zoo. So by now you can sense that the photografi passion is not a new thing, but a lifelong one. 😉 And I thoughht she was so beautiful that you should se her instead of her just being put into the archives without being mentioned.

Not only is lions big cat and as such I love all cats, but I’m aslo born in starsign Leo on top of it. Something I’m very pleased about. By the way in the chineese system I’m The Tiger, so it’s big cats everywhere.

EIf you’re fond of cat’s tooyou should wathc “Big Cat Diary”, which is being sent on Animal Planet. It has been show on Danish TV, but I think it has ended now.

I promised myself a trip to the Zoo this summer, I better get at it – I wonder who wants to come with me….

2 thoughts on “A very big cat

  1. 🙂 Wow Tammy – Lovely to hear from you. I know I’m a bit behind with the English Entries, but I’ll try and catch up tomorrow. thanks for writing, and I’m looking forward to seeing ALL of those pictures!! :d

  2. Wonderfull picture indeed…
    I bought an extra memory card for my camera for my trip to Samos.
    I can make 1530 pictures now…\:d/

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