A new life in a wase


I just went to the balcony and had a look at the flowers, or what’s left of them. Not a pretty site. I don’t know if you remember that the ones on the westfacing ballcony was cut down after one of the boxes took at trip to the ground? Well anyway the ones on the balcony facing east is on the floor, so no imidiate reason to cut them. But now it’s neccesary inspite lots of flowers, they are so tall that it was needed. And looking at the others I can see that they’ll be back soon. So they had a cut. And then it hit me – Why not put them in a wase. So I did and I put it besides my mum’s portrait and a fine new candle and then it was all very nice. When she first died it was something I did daily as the first thing, lit the candle by her portrait, and then I could always find something in the garden to put next to her. That’s a bit difficult now, and then need is not that strong anymore although NOONE can doubt that I miss my mum. But today she had both candle and flowers. And they have a lovely scent too. The angle is bought just before mum died. She didn’t get to see it, but she loved them too. It was bought to celebrate me getting my pension then. The frame is actually one I had boutht for my mum, to give her on her birthday with a portrait of my dad in it.