An absolute neccesity and on offer


Yes that was what this set was today. I’ve had a pair of tweezers for ages, and they were okay. When mum passed, I had yet another. So you should think, my hair removing problems were solved.

They were until the other day when everything in tweezers in this house had dissapeared! Nothing less than an intern cathastropi !! 😮 I need to do my eyebrows and then I have theese black hairs growing out weird places on my chin and they HAVE to go, the minute they appear, or I’ll get a hysteric fit :(( By today it was a lot of days and I’ve been turning the apartment upside down looking for at least one of theese damn things. No luck! Normally I’m not one to throw a fit, but I was close today, and don’t even want to think about the lenght of my face-things.!!! The automobile was started up and first stop was Matas for a pair of tweezers, and that couldn’t happen fast enough. But I was in luck as this set was the same prize that you normally pay for just the tweezers in this make is, and it is GOOD this one.

I haven’t tried them better. The set was in several bright colors, as you can see I chose a green and it has both sissors, cuticle cutter, nail file and the tweezers. “The model” cheaper in tweezers was 80 dkr., so nothing to think about. If you’re missing a pair of tweezers it’s now. The brand is Vitry and it’s by far the best pair of tweezers I’ve ever had. Wow! And how nice to get all the hairs removed:D