Plant adoption


As mentioned before I have a lot of plants. Most of them have a history and are cuttings . Either because I’ve “nicked” a leave or something where I came or someone gave some to me. All the plants I had that didn’t mean something special was given away when I moved, so actually I have only the ones I love the most left 😀 Some might find that a laugh, and that’s alright.

This one is “stolen” – by the way, it’s said that they grow the best 😉 And if I look at this that is 5 years old at the most, that’s true. And I have to tell you, I’ve cut a lot of it, as it threathend to tilt over. This is where the point of this entry comes in. One leaf as you see on the picture is all it takes to create this wonderful plant. They’re very modern at the moment, and can be bought for money. But they’re surprisingly easy to multiply. It’ll go even faster if you take a branch and just stick it in a pot when it has dried for a few days. And voila you’re on the road to a lovely plant like this. If you want one, get in touch, if I don’t have a plante “in stock”, you can always get some leaves and try it out. I feel you have another relationship with your plants, when you’ve folowed them from they’re little 🙂