I hope everything is ok!

When I got back I had hoped for an email. From Jan . I wrote him yesterday to hear if he had talked to Jakob. II haven’t heard a pip from him for 8 days now, which is not typical. Jan would try and phone him, and get back to me – but if he can’t get through, then there’s nothing to tell. Jan will become a dad on Saturday (a planned Caesarian), so that’s very exciting.

I sure hope everything is ok. Jan is Jakob’s best friend and have known him for many years as have I, so of course it is very important to the both of us, that he is alright. The photo is Jakob at his desk in Thailand.


2 thoughts on “I hope everything is ok!

  1. Tammy – No neither I or Jan has heard a peeb from Jakob yet! So we are quiet worried the both of us, as he is driving around on a MC in Thailand. I sure hope everything is okay too.

    Yes by now, as I understood on Jan (he was on Skype), he should be a dad to a little Isabella.

    I will of course keep you posted! Thanks so much for writing and caring 😡

  2. Did you both heer from Jakob by now?
    I really hope everything is okay. Great that Jan will be a daddy real soon….
    Keep me posted.

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