To throw away hurts


Dad and I went to the rubbish tip today. Last time we took a trip with several loads, two large boxes were left in the basement as we planned to drive them to a Salvation Army Shop og something. Now they ended up ina contain, that by the way did belong to the Salvation Army . It was mums clothes! It’s hurting my old da to throw mums very neatly folded and packed clothes, furs and what have we in a container. And we might have earned a few bobs on it, but honestly – I didn’t have the energy. Dad certainly dosen’t and my sister took her part of that when mum died and we sorted her whole wardrope out. And to be honest with you, most of it was very ruined from haninging in the basement and very old, so peace with it. But I do understand dad, it hurts me too. But no-one is going to wear it, and then it’s just going to hang there to hang. That’s stupid, and as I said it took the space of two large removal boxes, which by the way was thrown out too.

The plan was that an old TV was going too. We had to give up. I tried once lifting it a bit. Et weighed half a ton. I could hear dad didn’t believe me. So he went to lift a bit. Then there was no more talk about it :O Vi have to get a strong man one day, as we have to get it out.

After the rubbish tip, we went to Netto to do a bit of shopping and now I’m here enjoying myself.

2 thoughts on “To throw away hurts

  1. Tammy – lovely to hear from you 😡 Well now it has been a few years since mum died, so it wasn’t too bad now. But emptying her closet shortly after she died was horrible, and very painful. But like you say, it’s part of life – sometimes hard.

    So I’m alright, I think it was mostly dad who was very upset about it. All mums nice things….

  2. I can imagine that it hurts sweetie…
    Right now my dad’s clothes are still in his closet but someday we will have to clean that out as well. :((

    But that’s life….hard and painfull some times.
    Hang in there sweetie…

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