Thunder and rain and small breaks in between

I just managed to take a few pictures among them this funny flower/bud before the sky went black like underneath

The clounds were exsactly as threathning as they looked, and 3 secounds after this was taken, I had to hurry into the car, if I didn’t want to get soaking wet. In other words it rained cats and dogs and it has done for most of the day with only small breaks in between

We had thunder too and after the last round the sky outside my windows looked like this. Very beautiful I think, and the sun’s been out since. Just a bit late I think!

Now when things are bad, you might as well have a go at the raindrops, and that’s fun too

Nothing much her apart from that. I’ve been here having a good time after I went out, and then my friends horse won it’s race. That’s enough for today. Much worse is that I have a tooth ache – I hope it has godt planned to continue!!! 🙁