Now I’ve tasted it too ;-)


I had quiet a wake up today. When I finally did wake up – I got to bed late – there was an sms from my friend Karin. She asked if we should meet for a some coffee at the airport! She was going out there with her daughter and son-in-law.

I took some time thinking about if I had the energy for it. I had to go get my Traincard renewed, and then go out there. But of I went, to make a long story short. It was on Charlottenlund Station, I discovered my mistake! 😮 Was going to take a picture, when I realised I didn’t got the batteri back where it belonged the same morning, when I’ve charged it to make sure, I didn’t ran out on that, like the other day!!! Dear me!!! So I’ve made a note to myselv saying – that I upload in the evening, when I’m in the chair anyway, and put in the battery before going to bed!!! No airportphotos! Sorry guys. So you’ll have to make do with some more flowers. This ones never been here before though.

Met with Karin in the airport and we had them thrown into a major check-in queue!! And then we went for coffee at Starbucks!!!

Heard bunches about that it had arrived and then I wanted to taste “what the fuss is about”!!! Karin is not that adventourous in the coffee business, but I wanted to try something that’s for sure! I ended up choosing a “Moccha” – and I’m sure the angels were singing. Lovely it was – with thick cream and the whole show. We had cake too – a piece of chocholate cake, and a piece of cheesecake. Of those tow you should absolutely choose the Cheesecake. The chocolate cake is something between being to dry and to much at the same time. I can’t describe it better than that, and by the way we both agreed we made better ones ourselves. But the cheese cake was lovely. But the pieces were huge!!! Puh!!! More like a whole meal in itself. On the positive side the staff was very nice and helpful Their tidying tables were a bit behind. But whenhe came and did it he was very nice.

After a well executed coffe drinking session I went home with my newly bought traincad and then I had another airend too when I got home. That took me through the graveyard but more about that in the morning. Now I HAVE TO go in and relax. Have a nice evening.