Lovely, lovely and more lovely

220px-elvis_presley_1970.jpgAfter a lovely evening with good food and nice company and red wine, you shouldn’t think that the evening could get any better, but it could! It ended in the company of a man that I’m still ABSOLUTELY facinated by and especially the version, I saw last night, and funny enough it’s one of the things on my wish list.

It’s a VERY clear memory, from when the koncert was sent live all over the globe in 1973, where I was 11 years old apart from a month. I remember being absolutely captivated and mum and dad have told me, that I couldn’t be drawn away from the television.

The mand is beautiful, very sexy and exstreemly charming and just so much man in this concert. This is 5 years after his come back, and only 5 years before he dies in a state, I don’t want to think about at all.

But this is Elvis (1935-77), when he is at his best in my oppion. I love it all, his singing, the voice, comstumes, finger rings and look at that smile , that could knock out an elefant.

Aloha Elvis, whereever you are!

He was a man, he was lovely – totally, but he was also human, and that might be the reason why we still love him! I had hell finding the clip to put here, as there’s so many good ones! As if that wasn’t enough and my blood pressure and everything else wasn’t already in danger the sent “Elvis Presley – 68 special” right afterwards and there he was also exstreemly lovely – in black leather – I’m not saying another word :-”

By the was until recently I knew someone who had just a sexy voice, the twinkle in the eye and that smile…. you guessI 😉 He was a huge Elvis fan too by the way! But that’s another story and one that seems to be over now – unfortunately!

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