Morning reflections


I had some sleep but only after being awake at 3.30 and not being able to sleep – se that’s what you get for going to bed early. Then you lie there an twist and turn. Anyway up I went took a pill and then I went to watch a bit of Ray Mears Exstreme Survival, as I find very interesting. It all ended up with me struggeling to keep awake for the rest and then went to bed again and slept till 9, so that was fine.

Now I’m sitting here and wondering. Among other things about “him”, who bothers me from time to time – not on a daily baiss anymore and not something that’s not bearable. But I’m upset that he had to behave like that, and that I couldn’t get to explain my motives and why I did what I did, and that everything was twisted and turned in a way where it didn’t belong. Some motives was forced on me, that didn’t have or not only and I hate being on unfriendly terms with people. But if and when the communications fail, then there’s not much to do about it, and I certainly did all I could. Well enough about that…

Today the sun is shining and it’s hot. I have to go shopping and then just relax and enjoy myselv. and maybee fix the food for tomorrow when Marianne comes. The coffee has been drunk, but I think I need another cup to awake totally. I have plans for a trip to the swim bath. I had money for my birthday to go mad over there. Apart from that I have plans for a photosession in Copenhagen. I haven’t been yet and then I HAVE TO go to The Zoo. How am I going to mangage it all?? 😮 I’m tired but I have to see if I get the opertunity to go to Fyn on Wedensday, where Mariannes horse and several others is racing on Fyns Racingtrack/a>. Right now I’m way to tired to even think about it, but on the other hand I can sleep afterwards. But anyway I don’t think the chances are that big. There’s a lot of horses and equipment to go, and there’s not ulimited space in a transport like that, but never mind, then I’ll go anohter time. Then I’ll go to the Zoo instead, I think.

Now I’ll go shopping and then we’ll have to see what the day brings!