Gifts and Marianne


img_4539opt.jpgAbove – the fantstic roses from Marianne

img_4542opt.jpgBarbaque cutlery og chocolate from dad and all the cards

img_4545opt.jpgDVD – Concert – Bridges of Babylon with The Rolling Stones from Marianne

img_4532opt.jpgJump Back, Forty Licks og Bigger Bang med Rolling Stones – the first from my sisters mother-in-law and the last two from Marianne

img_4548opt.jpgLiving Life Poetry I had sent in the mail from the author who is my really, really dear friend , and one I had wanted for a long time

img_4533opt.jpg“Der Untergang” from my sister and brother-in-law and the kids and a “gift voucher” for some swimming

So now you’ve seen all the gifts. Marianne was a bit late, but that was okay. No harm done on the food that didn’t need to be boiling and the sort that keeps – Mousakka.

She came PACKED with presents! First the beautiful flowers came with her almost. I’ve never seen roses in those colors before, and they are absolutely beautifil. The almost looks artificial, that’s how beautiful they are! It’s a huge bucket and then she unloaded. She had already given me loads of presents. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! And for the lovely company! As the knowledged reader will know, she was going on the road with her horse today, where I’ve potentially could have come. So it wasn’t late, but very, very nice! When she left I watched – you guessed it – Rolling Stones! A really cool DVD that brought the recently watched concert in fresh memor – it is anyway but still really cool to watch. I had to struggle to keep awake at the end but I did see it and then to bed.

The many Rolling Stones gifts will problery be reduced with one I suspect.But I’ve been listening to Bigger Bang today! So n ow I need to decide about the rest 🙂 I’ll have to remember to tell you that I apart from the mentioned got a DVD player from my dad, and I’m ever so pleased with it, and I’ve tested it! 😀