The day after the day


Has been spent cleaning, doing the dishes and moving and watering plants. The window cleaner came today and he’s always a kick in the backside to have a good and thorough clean, so that’s what I’ve been doing and gotten all the dishes out of the way. I’ve enjoyed myself and all has gone smoothely in the company of Mick and friends, which has ben playing 😀 Lovely! – I highly recommend it for cleaning 😉 and in generatl! Really cool!!!

Apart from that I’ve just been enjoying myself and spent some time writing here. Apart from that nothing. All that actity is begining to tell so tomorrow I’ll just relax as well. The balcony towards the West is not as nice as it was. But the African Marigold (Tagetes) is still brigthing up, and so are the orange ones.

Friday I’m going to change the gifts that need that, and then I’m going to York Stutteri In the afternoon for a open house arrangement. Funny enough I’ve just asked if it was possible to come and have a look, to one of the owners to a wedding I went to recently. Now I get my chance and I’m taking it. And do you think my camera is going to be busy? 😉 Have a look at their nice website.