Reflections backwards and delays


Little greetings keep coming in terms of the bithday just passed. Among them a very sweet one this morning from Jakob, as I just had begun wondering about where had got to. But with him turing Asia lots can happen. And he is moving (where to I’m not quit sure, but I will be), and everyone knows how that is. I talked to a girl friend on the phone. She talked about a card that would arrive with Postman Pat today – that is lovely!!! That reminds me I have to correct the tekst on the top of the page as Ole reminded me of the other day.

Yesterday I had a super nice talk with an ex-bofriend on MSN, whom I’m very fond of. At the same time I found out that my microphone on my headset, that I thought had it, is working! Now it’s only to see if it works on Skype too, as I have just told Jakob that it didn’t but I was in good faith. We had a long talk about why it didn’t work with us among other things. It was a lot of things but nice that we still care about each other and are able to be friends. We concluded that a lot of it was “timing”.

Another person was also a bit on the scene yesterday, and we had a positive very short talk. That was manly what I wanted. Have a positive contact, to end on, if that’s the way it gos. I admit – I’m crazy about him, and I miss the good talks very much. He is lovely, he is sexy, and sweet and beautiful, and I want him. But it’s up to him now. The way he said “congratiolations with yesterday” made me warm down to my toes.i

I refuse to claim otherwise 😀 Take it or leave it!

Today – relax, and the sun is shining so I might even go to the balcony and read my book, that I have to get my skates on with actually! – Have a nice day out there!