Yes, thats my own fault, I think! My eyes are square after enjoying Oprah Winfrey all day. But I had a touch allready, so…. now I taken some painkillers, but it dosen’t seem to have done the trick.

Apart from that I’ve sorted some washing, but with the rain pooring down, I have a drying problem! As always. The best would be a washing maschine here and a dryer in the basement.

The Petunia’s are in a sorry state now, but the marguerite is still blooming. My dahlia is done for this year. I hope I can keep it for next year. If not, I’ll survive.

Now I’ll go an watch some Television, and the only thing I’ve seen apart from Oprah is Dr. Phil x2, so you could say I’ve had my share of Talk-shows for today 😀