In the mittle of the night


Or that’s how it felt at 5.30 A.M. I was woken up by a big bang – something fell on the floor! Thought for along time, that Garbo had pushed something on the floor, but I couldn’t see anything until I discovered that it was a picture that had fallen of the wall. – a good example of my skills in haning things up etc. No I’m joking but that wall is a bit iffy, and it should have been drilled first – I need to get hold of the man with the drill!

I went to the couch and made myself comfortable with one of the new jumbo cups with tea, candels and the television and that’s where I have decided to stay today – I’m beat! If you haven’t noticed it’s autum – here anyway and today it suits me fine! It’ll proberly do as it pleases anyway. 😉