I’ve cried and laughed


Been spellbound, enchanted, and dazzled and seduced (in a good way) by my big heroin Oprah and moved in every way by the lovely stories all day, and I’ve ENJOOYYYED it very much. I’ve been in the company of stars, but it’s the stories from real life that moves you. It has been a good mix of evething. I haven’t seen them all, it’s 6 DVD’s – I saw ½.


I had her 20 year-jubililee DVD-collection from my dad for Christmas, but due to the condition of my DVD player, I hadn’t seen very much of it. The little I did get to see was with “lumps” in it and that sort of took the pleasuere out of it. Now it is just running smoothly which is lovely.

If you have considered buying this DVD – I highly recommend it, if you like me are a big fan of Oprah it’s a must have!

Oprah is back on Danish Kanal 4 in the autum!