Wedding – you live and learn


Not only when you think you need to!!!! As you know I was going to a wedding and I was sooo much looking forward to it. Partly because it’s always nice to attend a wedding, but of course also because it was my sweet and lovely friend Marianne’s daughter who was getting married. Not only is she a dear friend, but her daughter – from what I’ve seen an evenly lovely girl. All that said, then I’m exposed to my brain waves lack of functionallyty and my memory too ~X(

I had the night before thought about – you should do it right away, that’s the lesson!!! l-) – that I should empty my memory card on the camera so there was room for lots of wedding pictures. I forgot!Then it’s not worse than you can do it when you run out of space, as you can delete date by date!! Cool APART FROM me deleting all the photos from the church !!!:o I’ve been devastated =(( I have 3 pictures from the reception, where the bridal bucket above is one of them! Ask me if I’m about to cry :(( So enought now – I need a larger memory card, but if I need to delete, I bloody well need to concentrate and best of all do it BEFORE leaving!!!

When my big mistake has been mentioned, it was a lovely wedding :), and had I had the photos I saw, I would have had lovely photos of the bride and her father walking the aisle and of the couple outside the church!!!! If they’d given their permission for me to show them here of course. They don’t need to now!!! I’m SO SORRY!!!


I said yesterday that I’d never been to Ordrup Kirke, but that’s not true. I actually had some friends who got married there many years ago, I had just forgotten. They’re still married which is somewhat of a rarety these days. The picture of it is from another day, but the sky yesterday was grey too. It’s one of those churces where they apprently thought should be modern and tore out the old church benches and put in chairs. An apart from that have painted what I susspect was dark wood GREY!?! It’s all wrong in my world and not “real” church. A real shame as it could have been so beautiful.

The bride was amazingly beautiful in a crem Thaisilk dress and I’m very, very sorry that I don’t have the pictures if not only for myself, but that’s the way it goes. Let this be a horrifying example to everyone!!! I’m not doing it again, that’s for sure 🙁