Autumm pictures

Ihaveadream in front of a “colleauge” in the paddock beforer Zwicky 2 års Maiden series – which was won by his stall mate Captain Grey

img_5897opt.jpgThe dull autum sky was a far cry from last weeks racing day that was so beautiful

img_5860opt.jpgColor spots on the grey and very wet day, jockey’s Nicholas Cordrey, Cathrine Weilby, Juan Pinto og Manuel Santos before Edmond Blanc Handicap

img_5861opt.jpgWalking Joke with Dina Danekilde on the way to the track, Bettina Wilson on her way out into the Paddock

Mr. Martin was something of a handful in the Paddock and you had to keep yur distance, as his back legs went in that direction on a regular basis. But his energy was plenty – he won Edmond Blanc Handicap

img_5865opt.jpgThese two were tired, tried and very wet. The little girl was so tired that she actually ended up sleeping. Her dad saved her before she fell of the chair

Umbrellas by the Paddock – here early on the day – later it was somewhat empty. And considering the weather not strange at all

img_5899opt.jpgI love this place and the view normally but yesterday I had a hard time finding the good parts

On my way towards the stables where the car was. A look out over the track with the transporter as a suitable background