Christmascards for the horse/animalloving

Coming Down Warren Hill, Newmarket from Fields Galleries

I first discovered these beutiful Cards, when my friend Marianne gave me one for my birthday and another the year after. They are fantastic. Now I’ve pleased others with them, and they have been very well recieved and people ask where I buy them. I spend a lot of money and get them home from England, and then my friend has taken them with her when she came for a visit. I can’t use the solution this year, as she is not coming home for Christmas – unfortunately. So I’ll have to add the freight.

They are NOT cheap, but remember how much work has been put into them, and the quality is very exclusive. So you might want to have less but very good, and then ONLY send to the once you know will appriciate them. I’m sitting and thinking about which ones to order. Have a look at Field Galleries, where they also have cards forthe lovers of dogs and cats!

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