Almost wireless


I’ve had a good day. I’ve been able to cross the last things on my “to-do-list”, and I’ve installed the wireless internet, as much as possible for the time being. There were one or two security issues, that had to be dealt with, and then we should be rolling. A couple of days more or less with the cable, but on the new modem dosen’t matter. Things are going in the right direction, and I’m online – that’s the main thing 😀

This morning I went berserc on Youtube, and I have an entry from there, but I think we need a bit of space between the musical entries, so you get to enjoy the ones there already. There is a a lovely piece under my comment to Janes entry on Gospel Gåsehud

Now I want a bath and get dinner ready. I have a headache, but I’m well pleased with my efforts today……have a nice evening.