Bechmann Racing in sunshine and snow

Maria Ljungberg on Lady Hjort

Jockey Nicolas Cordrey on Vida Nova



Above Lena Lützhøft (red hat) on Finish First and jockey Cathrine Weilby on Fine Dandy

Cathrine Weilby on Hong Kong in the snow storm, just before they took of, by his head trainer Hanne Bechmann

Maria Ljungberg on Lights and Stars and Cathrine Weilby on Hong Kong

I was busy yesterday. Groomed and took care of 5 horses feet. In between there was visits to the track, helping people up etc. In between there was time for a cup of coffee, and a piece of fresh bred, Hanne and I bought after a trip to the tracks. All in all a very nice day as always. The not nice part was going to the track in the snow storm with Hong Kong and Lights and Stars. We didn’t stay very long for the same reason. I was on my bike, and that wasn’t much fun in a snow blizzard, so Cat kindly gave me a lift home… Back home, a hot bath and a bit to eat was lovely, and so was the thought of not going out, as the snow continued to poor down….