Syriana (2005)

George Clooney is the CIA agent Bob Barnes, who loyally has worked for many years for the CIA in the Middle East. The part gave Clooney an Oscar for best supporting act in 2006

I saw the film yesterday morning as a part of my relaxationday. Appeareantly it was very publicised in 2006 when it came out here in DK. I haven’t noticed, but at the time I was preoccupied with moving and stuff, so no wonder. Better late than never to get to know about this genious film. . It took me a little time to catch the point here and I had to move a little back and forth to get it. That was partly due to the fact that I couldn’t get the subtitles to work for some odd reason. But when I got the general idea I was fine.

Matt Damon is an energy analyst Bryan Woodman, who later becomes adviser for Prince Nasir(Alexander Siddig)

It’s a very cathing film and you’re sitting at the edge of your chair to follow it. That’s partly because it is exciting and partly because it’s a fast moving film, so you have to if you don’t want to miss vital parts of it. That’s the only critique I have of it, that it might be moving a bit too fast.

But it does the important part. It is asking some very important questions that should be the base of much discussion about the way the world goes around and the mechanisms that is in play.

It has been er said far better by others, than I can do here. So read it and it’s out of my mouth. I will recommend the film very highly and I’m pleased that it was brought to my attention.

The film is based upon a bok by the real CIA-agent Robert Baer – “See no evil”. Both the film and the book can be borrowed in Danish Libraries.

Rating/[xrr rating=5/6]

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