One of the first classical pieces I learned to love was Tomasio Albinoni’s Adagio. I now discovered that it’s also been done in a version with some of my favorite boys – Il Divo:

I also found a version with a singer called Zara. It’s such a beautiful tune, that it hardly matters what they to it, it’s still great.

It was an old friend who loved it himself who introduced me to it and I have loved it ever since. If he’s reading this blog he’ll propely be pleased that I remember him for this tune. On the other hand I’m pretty sure another very classic true friend would rip his hair out just thinking about anything but the original. Judge for yourself, here is one for every taste.

More goosebombs

Just now I came across this young guy whho appearantly was in the Itallian verion of X-Factor. His called. Nicola Gargaglia (official website under construction) and if Alexandra Burke gives me goosbombs (she does bigtime), this guy does too – like the judges said about Alexandra – “In a league of his own” – listen: