“Dessert” please! – Curtis Stone

There wasn’t much for me to do yesterday, after eating my duck breast, than watch television. There’s a trail channel, where they show channels you can get, if you want. Among them Discovery Travel & Living, and the show is called ““Take home chef”, I’ve seen him on BBC too, and he has been on Danish television with – “i Surfing the Menu.

The cook is Curtis Stone. Apart from the delicious food and him explaining things well, it’s not really food he brings to mind. Only if he was the “dessert”. I wouldn’t be able to think to straight thoughts with him standing next to me that’s for sure – and he is awailable and was voted the sexiest man in the world in 2006. So it’s not just me, who thinks he is eatable, apart from the fact that he properly hasn’t thought he would be on the menu. That wouldn’t be a problem! 😉

*S* To keep on track and behave, these shows are about people who write in to get help to make a lovely meal for someone. Cutis then comes to their house and help them make the food. And even if you’re not one for cooking. I promise you, when you’ve watched him for 5 min., you will be. Yesterday they showed a row of these shows, so I could enjoy him for a couple of hours. No complaints whatsoever. Here you can see a clip with and about him:

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