The answer my friend…..

is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind! That lyric and melody has been at it all morning in my head. I’ve seen “Do you know who you are”? and again I’ve followed a celebrity’s search for their familys roots. As always very exciting, although this particular story wasn’t the most facinating I’ve seen. Never the less these programmes always generate thoughts about my own situation out in this “circus”. Weird term to use, but that’s what I feel it has become. It’s almost everwhere I turn, that I bang my head against a wall after a very short amount of time. It’s becomming tiresome – very! If only one side of the family would be succesful, but it seem they’re both determind to be very uncoporative.

When that is said I also believe, that there’s a mening to everything. So I’ll get, what I’m suppose to, no more no less. But no-one can say I took it lying down. I gave as good as I got with those ancestors and autorithies not least. Along the way I’m trying to come to terms with, that I might never get the answers/reults that I want.

Where I’m banging my head agains the wall in terms of my biological mothers familiy is, that before a certain time (of course concerning my grandparents) simply wasnt’ any records in many cases. Poland was not to long a go almost a developing country. You tend to forget that, but none the less that makes that side of things complicated. What I can do, I’m not sure. Write the authorites has been done, but I have heard nothing. So I’m thinking in terms of this that I want to write some Danish/Polish society’s and hear them what to do, and if anyone can help. Likewise I’ve had good expiriences before in writing the Danish Embassey in Berlin, so I’m thinking I’ll try the same in Poland.

One thing is that Poland is complicated, but that Germany is almost the same sometimes is another matter. I’ve been searching for 20 years now approxmately and I have not yet found a ckear way to go about it. There’s not communication between offices and you’re shuffed from one to the other in a wild goosechase. Very tireing and not least frustrating. It takes determind stammina and patience. A lot of it! when that is said, if you continue, you can get lucky and I have been in some cases. It’s not all despair, but easy – no it’s not.

Now the new thing is that they are rearranging archives in Berlin, and that’s the reason why they can’t tell me if they have the deathcertificates for my grandparents, as they must have. Now I have to write the Embassey to hear if it can be true, that I have to wait until 2013, when they finish. I don’t understand if that’s the case.

In terms of my biological father, it’s the same problems as always and by now I’ve almost given up on it ever succeding. If he is alive he is very old and it’s the same “song” I keep running into. They need more information. Fine, but haven’t got it. Now I’ve gotten a private charity involved, and we’ll have to see. It’s easy enough to come up with a Robert Jones in serch engines and even one with the right birthday and year, but I have to have something to compare it to – was he black, was he in the millitary in Berlin etc. Otherwise itt’s useless information. And that’s what makes it so difficult.

I have a telvision show I can write if they still take in new problems. I’d rather avoided that as I have no wish for that kind of publicity, but if it can give me some answers, so be it. And even if I write them, I’m far from sure, they’ll take my story or they can even find out anything either. But let’s see, but that’s where we are right now. So as you can see Ii have “a couple” of mails that has to be written on top of everything else. The photo is from yesterday.