Jeg har vist været inde på det før, hvor meget jeg elsker Newmarket. Dem som har læst med her i længere tid, vil vide, at jeg har været der 2 gange. Det kan være svært at forklare, hvad det er, man er så vild med. Men forleden dukkede denne video op, og den illustrere det så godt, ihvertfald det hestemæssige aspekt. Derudover er der selve byen Newmarket, som også bare er hyggelig.

For mig er det ihvertfald som at komme i himlen, at komme derover. Det perfekte sted, at være både anglofil og hestetosset. Jeg gad vide, om de har et Newmarket i himlen, for så skal jeg der, når jeg går bort. Fotos er fra min tur derover i 2011.

Vejen til sejr

En flot lille film lavet og produceret af Martin Svaneborg, om Quite A Mission’s sejr i DFDS Dansk Derby 2013!

Det nærmer sig

At Galopsæssonen starter igen. Vi glæder os alle. Spændende med alle de nye heste, og bare generelt er det jo netop tegn på lysere tider, når sæssonen starter. Det kan dog være djævelsk koldt det første stykke tid, men vi hestefolk er ikke sådan at slå af pinden – eller ukrudt forgår ikke så let – vælg selv 😉

Om ikke andet, så har Martin Svaneborg lavet denne skønne video med dejlig musik til for at vise lidt forårsstemning på banen. Rigtig fin er den – det håber jeg også, du synes!

Mens der ventes – Irske og Engelske hingste

Jeg ved, at der er “nogen”, der venter meget spændt på fotos fra Irland. og jeg gør, hvad jeg kan. Som sagt, så skal jeg passe lidt på helbredet og tiden slår bare ikke til. Men de er på vej, og jeg tror roligt jeg kan love inden Jul ihvertfald.

Mens I venter, kan I kigge på nedensiddende publikation – International Thoroughbred. Decembernummeret handler om – Engelske og Irske hingste. Det kunne vel dårligt være mere aktuelt – right? Jeg kan afsløre, at i magasinet, er bl.a. en af flere hingste vi så – Galileo! Enjoy!

It’s time again…

It’s spring and dentist time for horses 😉 I knew that Johnny was about again, and Hanne had said that she thought he might come by yesterday. He might have been, but I wasn’t there. But I was lucky enough to meet him, as the first almost this morning. Always nice to see him, and give him a hand, when he needs it.

Here he’s at it with William Tell who obviously didn’t make Johnny’s job easy. Both his jaws and tounge was all over the place, but the job got done in the end.

Photo favorite: Lois Lane and Susie

Today I was looking through my photos and I stumpled upon this, which is a favorite. To lovely girs who has gone on their winter break. One has gone and the other is leaving tomorrow and I’ll miss both of them. The photo is from 16th. June this year before one of their trips to Sweden. With this I want to wish Susie a lovely holliday!

Alan Munro on Copenhagen Racecourse

Jacob Johansen on Kronhjort, who has Alan Munro riding him Sunday after Jacob has been put on the ground for 6 weeks

Since Jacob Johansens has been grounded for 6 weeks after a unfortunate incident in Sweden several weeks ago now, trainer Bent Olsen is without his first jockey for 6 weeks, and had to find a replacement, not the least for Sunday, where “big battles are going to be fought”. He chose Alan Munro, and from what I’ve found, he made a good choice. He has ridden all over the world and has won buckets full of races and of course The Derby as well.

There is much more about Alan Munro – who will be 40 this year – on the following links:

Alan Munro på Jockey’s – here you can see all the races he has participated in and where. That’s a lot.

Alan Munro på Wikepedia – A somewhat more accessable view over his most important wins.

Sunday he is riding the following horses:

Skandinavisk Opdrætningsløb


Copenhagen Golden Mile


Scandinavian Open Championchip

Dan Tucket

Very exciting to see this jockey “in action”. Another of many thrills for the racing day Sunday.

I hope Alan will enjoy his rides on Klampenborg Racecourse!

Long John Maiden Race 2200 m

Beautiful Lady Hjort and sweet Susie in the paddock

Cathrine Weilby on her way up on”Mama”, helped by Susie and Trainer Hanne Bechmann

Cathrine is up – she knows “Mama”, but she is a big horse

Rockn’ Roll has passed here, and it’s here Lady Hjort makes use of her ekstra gear and gives all she’s got and comes in second – it’s her at full speed far right. From the left: Manuel Santos on Cheitah, Nicholas Cordrey on Little Nellie (in yellow) behind Martin Rodriguez on Clauses Cherie, Carlos Lopez on Aquila Flyer

Luis Villaroel on Rock’n Roll and Cathrine Weilby on Lady Hjort on the way back to the winners paddock

Cathrine Weilby, Lady Hjort and Susie on the way to the winners paddock

Cathrine and Susie helping each other with the saddel

img_9362opt.jpgMajbritt and Kate Hjort (Taarbæk Kro), Lady Hjort and Susie after the very fine 2. place

The first race of the day was ever only about one horse seen from my point of view. Lady Hjort. It was her second start this year, but only her 3. in all. First time this year I didn’t see, so friday was my first that way. I helped Susie get her ready and walked with them to the track. She was simply and angle. In the padock she was very nice too, but did speed up a bit. But not more than I was able to get some lovely pictures of her and Susie as you can see. Horses can be more or less photogenic as I have mentioned before. I don’t have to tell you that this one is a right little model 😉 She’s ever so beautiful and on top she has a nice way about her.

She didn’t win this race, but she got a very fine 2. place for which she really fought. We are very proud of her and so was her owners too as you can see. Congratiolations to them!

Also a big congratulations to our neighbours with Rock’n Roll (Final Appearance – Relate), owned Racing Team, trained by Søren Jensen and was ridden by Luis Villaroel, the following were Cathrine and Lady Hjort, Manuel Santos and Cheita, Martin Rodrigues on Clauses Cherie and Nicholas Cordrey on Little Nellie.

A beloved face


I properly don’t have to tell you who this is 😉 Finish First, at his most beautiful. Can you blame me for haven fallen for that lovely face?

By the way he’s the best “watchdog” you can imagine as I can always tell from his behavior, when the others are 5-10 minutes from home.

I excuse for the ugly green thing, but when the snow was here it prevented it from getting into his (and his neighbour) box.