Jim Cronin MBE – R.I.P.

It’s been a year and seven months, but I only discoverd it yesterday. I have seen “Monkey Business” from Monkey World in Dorset so very often and I have loved to watch them. Even when it was omnibus for the 20th. time I could still enjoy watching Jim and his wife Alison’s dedication and passion. It was obvious that they’re meant for each other and they did a huge amount of work for the apes. Now Jim has passed away.

He started Monkey World with at state loan and rented at piece of land and started his work of saving the chimps all over the world. Also other primates and apes joined the park and in connection with the worlk he met Alison who had the accademic background for the park, and they were partners both privately and professionally and were married as well. In 2006 both Alison and Jim recieved a MBE for their work for animal welfare.

Eight months before his death Jim was diagnosed with liver cancer, and went to his hometown of New York for treatment. A treatment that unfortunately didn’t work. Jim was born 15th. November 1951-17th. March 2007 and as such died at 55 years of age.

It’s been stated that he was to be burried in the park he founded and loved so much and that his wife Alison is continuing his work. I was really sadend by this “news” – again we lost at great spirit much too early.

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