Shooting yourself in the foot!

Jeremy Clarkson – Photo: Wikipedia

Hvis du ønsker artiklen på dansk – så ligger den her.

The debate has been on for weeks about Jeremy Clarkson’s suspension from Top Gear. According to the latest news, it has now been decided to sack him, something which at the same time is done regretably. It has been established that the TV host on Top Gear hit a producer af the show after verbally asulting him for 20 min.

As I see this, there is several who are shooting themselves in the foot – and that very thoroughly. Last year Clarkson had a final warning and thereby meant that no more rantics would be tolerated from him, and if they did, then there would be consequenses. They are here now.

First and foremost I think that BBC should have been profesionel enough to see to, that what allegedly is their biggest star, could get exsactly what he wants to eat, when he has filmed for a whole day. That might be me. If it can’t be obtained right there, it had to be possible to get from somewhere else. Clarkson has worked for them, so many years, that it cannot be a big surprise, that he’s like his steak and chips after filming. It’s again the first time on their part of shooting oneself in the foot. Second time is of course when Clarkson goes of the rails and assults the producer and on top lashes out. One thing is that he rightly (in my view) gets pissed of that he can’t get anything to eat, another matter is to take it to extreemes. When you have seen his behavior before, you’re sadly not surprised. He goes on to make matter totally worse as presumably is not so senile that ha has forgotten the warning he had already recieved.

Now BBC has given him a warning and they feel pressured to act on it and I for one can easily see, that such behavior can’t be tolerated. And I agree. The problem is that they say they want to continue the show – another case of shooting themselves in the foot, as notmatter what you think of Clarkson & Co. there is no Top Gear without him. Forget it! And who would want to take over such a controversial and popular show (which as an exampel has over 1 mill. people sign , to keep Clarkson). Appearantly they have alternatives lined up.

I don’t know what is going to happen regarding May and Hammonds announcement that they wouldn’t continue without Clarkson, we’ll have to wait and hear. No matter what the show is doomed and the best would be to end the show or alternatively all three start up at another channel.

Lastly I’d like to say that I used to watch Top Gear a lot, and I loved it, as I love cars. I just got enough of all three hosts patronising and at time both racist and uncomfortalbe comments so that’s why I haven’t seen for ages. If this is a storm in a glass of water, I don’t know, but first and foremost I guess everyone has backed themselves into a corner, with no way back.