Boycutting BBC Entertainment – you should too!

Not that long ago I was vundering, what happend to Eastenders on BBC Entertainment. I didn’t remember them having a summer break, but then again, to keep track of all these programmes and channels can get confusing, so I didn’t pay much attention to it at first.

Then time pased on, and I thought it should be back now, even with a summer break. No signs whatsoever. So of course being the modern consumer, I went online in search of an explanation. And there it was in Black and White. They’ve taken Eastenders of the schedule on BBC Enertainment. To say I was furious is an understatement, and I’m not the only one, I can tell you. Their messageboards and comments on Facebook was overflowing with angry CUSTOMERS wanting them to change their minds. Their reaction? They just said that from now on any critical comments on the issue was considered SPAM and would be deleted. Sorry BBC, this is my blog and I get to say, what I like here!

They gave economics the reason for closing it down but there must be so many other programmes, that are far less profitable, they can close down. As it is BBC Enertainment is horrible, so I understand why it is not running very well. The only thing on there I saw was Eastenders. Now that they’ve taken that option away, I’m deleting my BBC Enertainment account with my supplier. So many other channels I’d rather watch.

I’ve watched EASTENDERS for centuries now, and off course I’d love to continue doing so. BBC forget’s that we’re customers, although a small country we do matter. Tell them by boycoutting the channel.

All this aside, I think time is way past TV providers and packages and what have you. We want to choose ourselves. Why shouldn’t I be able to see English television if I want to?? These days it’ would be no problem at all, but instead everyone is clinning to their rights and insulting os as consumers. I’m fed up with it. I’ll find a way to see Eastenders, I hope. But for now I’m a very unhappy CUSTOMER!
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