Finding Family by Richard Hill

I’ve just finished with this book a week ago or so. I’m writing this in English, as you’ll have to understand that anyway, to read/listen Finding Family by Richard Hill (I have listened to it on In general I’m crazy about stories like that, and finding my own family has not lessend that.

What makes this story even more attractive to me, is that Richard Hill, has been searching as long as I have. As I read the book, it came appearant, that another thing was the same His birthmother had also died young. Even younger than mine actually. And like me, he started a quest to find his birthfather who was about as elusive as mine has been for about as many years. What he started to do was to record every phonecall and what each person had said and he kept every letter (this was before emails). I was not as wise and I regret that now, but I have most of the letters that came back, just not the ones going out. But still not as efficient as Richard’s Cataloguing everything.

Anyway, as me, he found his mother and we follow his search for friends of her’s from the past, his visits to places she’d been etc. To me ottterly facinating and I wish I had the same oppertunity. Because my mother was and old mother (41), and died so many years back, finding anyone who knew her is otterly impossible now, and the one person who did know her a little bit, don’t want to talk (my halfsister in Berlin). So not an option to me, but one I truly wish I had.

After finding his mother Richards wants to find out who his father is. And as was the case for me, that was not a plain sailing by any means. I won’t give a way the circumstances, but let you read for yourselves. If you have any interest in Genealogy and finding your roots for whatever reason, you’ll find Richard’s story facinating and captivating. Apart from telling a very exciting story, he comes across as really nice man, one I’d love to meet and talk adoption with.

The book gave me a bit of inspiration to things I might be able to do, in search of a bit more answers on my birthmother. If I’ll do it, I don’t know, but if so, you can be sure I’ll tell you about it. I’m sure it’ll give you plenty of inspiration, if you’re searching too.

I thank him for writing this important book. As always please get in touch, if you’ve read it as well.


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